Colorado Prepares for First-Ever Recall Election – and It Could Have Far-Reaching Implications for Gun Owners in the State

Colorado’s first-ever recall election is set for Sept. 10 – and it could have far-reaching implications for gun owners in the state.

Colorado voters say the recall election is about two state senators refusing to respect the Second Amendment and shutting constituents out of the legislative process, NRA News’ Ginny Simone reports.

Democratic state Sens. John Morse and Angela Giron are each facing recall over their support for the state’s new gun control laws, including one that limits magazine capacity and another requiring background checks on gun transfers. The new laws were passed in a furious effort to impose tighter gun control following the tragic Sandy Hook shooting.

In a captivating video report, NRA News spotlights the six “regular guys” who got together to launch the recall effort:

“There is only so much they can ram down your throat before you end up getting sick of it and spitting it back out,” said Victor Head, of the grassroots gun rights group Pueblo Freedom and Rights.

Anthony Garcia, a board member of the Basic Freedom Defense Fund, said before getting involved to launch the recall effort, he felt like he couldn’t do “anything” about what was going on.

“I thought I was just one person, and that’s completely, completely wrong,” he added.

The bottom line is, gun owners are fed-up and they are standing up to defend their freedoms — which could spell bad news for not just lawmakers in Colorado, but across the country as well.

“We got together and did the ‘impossible,'” Garcia said. “Anybody who’s watching this, they can too. All they have to do is get up and get involved. That’s it.”