‘God is the Originator of Sex’: Why Did This Church Erect a Controversial ‘Love Sex’ Billboard?

One generally wouldn’t expect to see a church-sponsored billboard that reads “Love Sex,” but those are the exact words that are plastered on a sign posted by the River Pointe Church, a non-denominational house of worship, in Richmond, Texas.

The billboard was setup to advertise a three-part sermon series — one that will focus on the issue of sex, encouraging congregants to approach it from a faith-based perspective, CBS News reports.

Here’s a trailer for the series, which begins on Sep. 7:

Jason Pizzitola, River Pointe’s pastor of creative development, told the outlet that sex is something that should be explored through a biblical lens. The faith leader said that, in the past, some Christian churches have been guilty of framing the subject in negative terms, but the church is hoping to temper this dynamic by showing that the act is actually a powerful “expression of love.”

“We see the inspiration as being something from the Bible and being godly and we think God is the originator of sex and it’s intended to be a good thing, a beautiful thing, an inspiring thing,” said Jason Pizzitola, River Pointe’s pastor of creative development, in an interview with CBSNews.com.

The series will focus upon building and keeping long-term attraction, protecting kids in a culture of sexuality and healing from any sexual trauma that congregants might have encountered.

Photo Credit: River Pointe Church

“‘LoveSex’ is River Pointe’s new sermon series that takes a significant look at love, dating, marriage and yes, even sex — from a biblical perspective,” reads church’s website. 

”The series demonstrates that regardless of your relational past or present, through a relationship with Jesus Christ, you are not disqualified from a future full of love, contentment, hope and peace.”

So far, Pizzitola says that the church is getting a mixture of reactions. The billboard is naturally attracting a lot of attention (again, “Love Sex” is pretty eye-catching). While some people are excited and encouraged, others are nervous about what the series will entail.

River Pointe’s website has more about the intriguing sermons that are set to begin this week.

(H/T: CBS News)