Student Pulls Off Impressive ‘Fake Professor’ Prank on First Day of Class, Tricks Everyone – Until the Real Professor Shows Up

Kids seem to get savvier and savvier every year, but one guy proves you can still gather a group of 18-year-olds and persuade them to believe, well,  just about whatever you want.

That’s what Patrick Adelman did on the first day of classes at the University of Rochester.

Adelman, a student at the school and member of a rollicking campus radio program called Chamber Boys, strolled to the front of the large lecture hall for Chemistry 131:

(Credit: The Chamber Boys via YouTube)

Looking the part dressed in a long-sleeve collared shirt, Khaki pants, and shoes — and his balding head doesn’t hurt, either — Adelman introduced himself as Dr. Hafensteiner:

(Credit: The Chamber Boys via YouTube)

Adelman proceeded to completely punk the room of mostly impressionable freshman.

He got them to raise their hands:

(Credit: The Chamber Boys via YouTube)

He got them to stand up…

(Credit: The Chamber Boys via YouTube)

He also spooked the room by declaring that all the students he then tells to sit down represent how many of them would not make it into medical school.

He even got a bunch of them to close their laptops, further frightening the crowd by threatening to confiscate them in the future and perhaps lower their grades if he ever again spots them in class:

(Credit: The Chamber Boys via YouTube)

Everything is going well for “Dr. H” until…

(Credit: The Chamber Boys via YouTube)

What happens next?

Check out the hilarious ending for yourself, via the Chamber Boys page on YouTube:

(H/T: The NoseBleeds)