‘Surf The Turf?’: The Next Golf Cart May Be A Snowboard

If surfing legend and innovator Laird Hamilton is right, those old-fashioned, boxy golf carts driving around courses could soon be history. What would replace the Flintstones-like mode of transportation for golfers? It might be this high-tech device.

Hamilton on golfboard
Laird Hamilton rides the golfboard.
Image: Golfboard on Kickstarter

The “GolfBoard” seen above is the dream of a group of seven scientists, engineers, inventors and forward thinkers. They are hoping to generate enough financial support via the crowd-funding site Kickstarter, to get the seed money needed to move the GolfBoard from the drawing board to fairways everywhere.

The design is a simple one. It is basically a snowboard with a drivetrain attached below. The motor is controlled by a hand-held device similar to those used for video games. And based on specs from the company, the GolfBoard will be able to handle the typical round of golf, while carrying a player, a set of clubs, snacks and beverages.

Image: Golfboard on Kickstarter

As mentioned above, the four-wheel drive board has a place to mount a player’s golf bag or you can just carry your clubs as you ride.

Golfboard in action
Image: Golfboard on Kickstarter

The GolfBoard project on Kickstarter is looking to generate $100,000 in start-up money.  By early Saturday morning, they had more than $78,000 pledged, with less than 52 hours left until their fundraising deadline hits.

As with many Kickstarter projects, people who decide to pledge money are also given something in return. In the case of the GolfBoard, depending on the size of your pledge, you could receive something as basic as a test ride on the Golfboard ($25 pledge). Or, for those with deeper pockets, a $10,000 pledge gets you the ultimate package that includes:

  • Your own GolfBoard delivered by Laird Hamilton and fitness legend Don Wildman
  • A round of golf with Hamilton and Wildman at the Malibu Country Club
  • A stand-up paddleboard workout with Don Wildman

Curious to see how the invention works? Check out  the GolfBoard in action here.

(H/T – The Golf Channel)

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