The Scary Moment a Woman and Her Child on a Scooter Nearly Get Hit by a Bus…and She’s Said to Be a Popular Actress!

A woman said to be actress Gwyneth Paltrow riding a scooter with her daughter on back was filmed pulling out right in front of a school bus, almost getting hit.

Footage of the incident was published by the National Photo Group, showing a woman with a young girl on the back of a white Vespa. Both are wearing helmets for safety but the driver zips out in front of the bus, which then slams on its brakes.

paltrow school bus
A woman thought to be actress Gwyneth Paltrow with daughter, Apple, on the back of a scooter is poised to pull out in front of this oncoming school bus without looking. (Image: video screenshot via TMZ)
paltrow school bus
The woman and the young girl on the scooter just miss getting hit by the bus. (Image: video screenshot via TMZ)
paltrow school bus
The bus driver saw the scooter just in time and slammed on the brakes. (Image: video screenshot via TMZ)

The driver, which has not officially been confirmed as the 40-year-old mother of two, doesn’t even look back. Although the footage is slightly grainy, the scooter, the attire of the driver and the little girl, who could be 9-year-old Apple, seem to match photos taken by NPG.

The Daily Mail reported the incident happening on Wednesday last week in Los Angeles and pointed out that her husband Chris Martin waited for the school bus to stop. He then pulls out in front of the now stationary bus with their 7-year-old son Moses on his back.

There are a couple brief taps of a car horn after the man who appears to be Martin catches up with the first scooter, passing a few cars.

paltrow school bus
The two scooters, whose drivers could be Paltrow and Martin, wait at a light after pulling out in front of the bus. The woman can be seen holding her hand to her face, almost hiding it from the camera. (Image: video screenshot via TMZ)

Lane splitting, which is what the two scooters appear to be doing as they pull up alongside other cars after they missed getting hit by the school bus, is legal in California, but the states’ highway safety patrol offers many tips for motorists to do it safely.

TMZ noted it contacted Paltrow’s representatives but had not yet heard back.

Watch the footage:

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