Why Charles Krauthammer Thinks Obama’s Syria Address Was ‘One of the Most Odd Presidential Speeches Ever Delivered’

Syndicated columnist Charles Krauthammer said President Barack Obama’s Tuesday night Syria address was “one of the most odd presidential speeches ever delivered.” He also predicted the speech will still have “zero affect” on public opinion or Congress.

Further, there is one obvious “contradiction” currently “gnawing away” at Obama’s case for Syria action, Krauthammer explained.

“He talked about international standards, international law, standing up for decency on behalf of all humanity. And yet, there is not one country in the world, outside of possibly France, that is standing with the United States,” he continued. “So that makes a sham of the idea that this is somehow some statement by all of humanity by the community of nations.”

Watch the segment via Fox News below:

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It was later in the broadcast that Krauthammer called Obama’s address “one of the most odd presidential speeches ever delivered.”

“Here’s a president who urgently addresses a nation on all channels to call for a pause on something that the nation doesn’t want to do in the first place,” he said. “It’s almost unbelievable.”

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