Sen. Mike Lee Reveals Republican Leadership ‘Idea’ to Keep Obamacare – While Also Giving GOP Political Cover

Senator Mike Lee (R-Utah) appeared on Glenn Beck’s radio program Wednesday to reveal an “idea” that he says is being floated by Republican leadership to keep “Obamacare” intact, while giving Republicans a way to tell their constituents that they voted to defund it.

“So Senate Republican leadership in the last 36 hours or so has been floating an idea, the House Republican leadership, to move forward with a plan that would do two things with one vote,” Senator Lee explained.  “It would pass two pieces of legislation with one vote in the House. One of those pieces of legislation would defund Obamacare. The other one would pass a so‑called ‘clean’ continuing resolution, funding everything in government and allowing Obamacare to remain funded and fully operational.”

“Both of those pieces of legislation would be transmitted separately to the Senate after one vote in the House, leaving the Senate free, of course, to defeat the ‘defund’ measure, and then subsequently immediately pass the clean [continuing resolution], keeping everything in government — including Obamacare — funded,” he continued. The president would then certainly sign off on the continuing resolution.

Politically, Lee explained, the move would allow House members “to claim that they voted to defund ObamaCare, in the same vote that quite ironically they allowed ObamaCare to continue to be funded, along with everything else.”

Sen. Mike Lee, R-Utah speaks at the Faith and Freedom Coalition Road to Majority Conference in Washington, Thursday, June 13, 2013. (Photo: AP)

“So this is a show vote, it’s being sold as a show vote, and it’s nothing more than a show vote,” Lee condemned.  “You know, this is worse in some ways than if they just took up a clean [continuing resolution] and admitted that what they were doing was giving up on the defund Obamacare fight.”

TheBlaze’s Mike Opelka said the office of Rep. Louie Gohmert (R-TX) backed up Lee’s claim, that the idea is indeed being circulated.

Beck called the potential plot “dirty” and “underhanded,” praising Senator Lee — as well as Senators Ted Cruz and Rand Paul, who have also been leaders in the fight to defund Obamacare — as “the hope of the republic.”  He also encouraged listeners to go to to make their voices heard.

Then Beck delivered a scathing message to the rest of the “weasels” in Washington, particularly those in the Republican Party.

“The American people don’t find this funny at all,” he warned.  “The Republicans in Washington, they think they’re playing the same old game. They’re not. If they think that they have had anything, anything tough to deal with, you see the American people a year from now once this healthcare system has destroyed, destroyed what they have come to expect from American healthcare. When your children and their children are struggling just to be able to see a doctor, when their jobs have been lost or their hours have been cut, and I mean extensively.  Not just the people that are affected today, but I mean everybody.”

“You think that there is wrath to pay now?” Beck said.  “You’re going to need the IRS. You’re going to need the NSA. You’re going to need the military. You’re going to need all this progressive garbage that you are putting in because the American people will be done with you.”

This goes far beyond poll numbers, Beck said.  “If you’re not clearly on the record saying ‘I’m against this,’ don’t go to your town hall meetings because they’re going to rip you apart. And forget about running again.”

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