Wait…Keith Olbermann Opened His ESPN Show Quoting a Story From TheBlaze?

Last night’s Olbermann show on ESPN kicked off with the host quoting a story from TheBlaze.

Olbermann and theBlaze
Image: ESPN

You read that first sentence correctly. Keith Olbermann, the guy who, during his tenure at MSNBC, regularly put Glenn Beck, the owner of TheBlaze, among his daily nominees for “The Worst Person In The World,” actually used a story from TheBlaze to open his Tuesday night show.

The item that caught Olbermann’s eye was our report on the Verona, Wis., golf course that advertised a $9.11 special for Wednesday 9/11/2013.

Coupon for discount golf
Image: Sporting News

Keith quoted and credited TheBlaze on screen several times.

Olbermann quotes Blaze story
Image: ESPN

Fortunately for us, the Twittersphere noticed the unusual combination of TheBlaze and Keith Olbermann. More than one Twitter user posted a mention of the story, including our own Social Media maven, Sara Johnson.

Sara Johnson tweet
Image: Twitter.com

The entire report was more than eight minutes long, with the mentions and references to TheBlaze taking place in the first three minutes. However, we found the story to be rather engaging and encourage you to watch the entire segment.

Thanks for the love, Keith. Perhaps we’re not all that different after all.

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