Caught on Camera: Young Vandals Destroy Furniture, Urinate in Homeowner’s Backyard During 45-min Rampage

Photos of the suspects. (Credit: WSBK-TV)

A home surveillance system caught two young men and a woman vandalizing a man’s home, in a 45-minute rampage.

The young vandals performed a variety of acts, including stripping off their clothes, pulling bushes out of the ground, breaking a mailbox, throwing furniture, and even urinating in the yard of Phil Meikle’s summer home.

“It’s 2 a.m. they say hey let’s go swimming and they happened upon my house,” said Meikle. “Here they are coming into play showing me three kids at my house and they smiled for the camera.”

“After watching it for 25 minutes my blood pressure was boiling and I was feeling violated,” he added.

Watch the clip, courtesy of WSBK-TV:

The video of the incident, partially released to WSBK-TV, has reportedly been sent to schools in the nearby area in an attempt to identify the individuals responsible.

“I know kids do things, but they don’t need to be destructive,” Meikle said.

It was immediately unclear when the attacks took place.


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