‘Ultimate Test of the Steering System’: Watch a Rodent Drive a Truck (Yes, Really)

Check this off the “when pigs fly” list: a hamster, yes, a hamster helped drive a 15-ton truck.

How else other than with a hamster-wheel?

“Today is the ultimate test of the steering system, “Jan-Inge Svensson, a Volvo Trucks technician, said. “You will see a hamster steering a truck from the bottom of this quarry to the top.”

volvo hamster
Volvo conducted a stunt featuring a hamster-wheel steered truck. (Image via YouTube video screenshot)

Another staff member said, “it is very, very dangerous,” referencing the precarious pathway on which a wrong turn could send the truck down a cliffside.

The team created steering wheel modified with a hamster wheel on top. The hamster’s running direction to spin the wheel was guided by the incentive of a carrot.

volvo hamster
The stunt was to demonstrate Volve’s dynamic steering system. (Image via YouTube video screenshot)

“It’s very sensitive,” one of the Volvo workers said of the dynamic steering system. “I can steer it with my fingertips.”

The hamster, Charlie, follows follows the carrot clockwise and counter as the truck makes its way up the Los Tres Cunados quarry path in Spain.

volvo hamster
The driver guided the hamster’s direction on the wheel with a carrot. (Image via YouTube video screenshot)
volvo hamste
The hamster successfully helped steer the 15-ton truck up to the top of the quarry. (Image via YouTube video screenshot)

Watch the stunt:

(H/T: Jalopnik)