The Commercial Being Heralded as One of the Best in a While, and It’s For…

It’s not exactly a big secret that companies frequently use emotion to sell their products. However, this commercial for a cell phone company in Thailand may win the prize for being the best at causing a tear-filled reaction

“Giving,” the 3:03 commercial for Thailand’s True Move mobile phone service has generated more than three million views in less than five days. Why has this extra-large ad gone viral? It’s not because True Move is selling a revolutionary new piece of technology. This mini-movie has a simple but great lesson attached to it.

The story begins with a young boy getting caught stealing medicine for his sick mother.

cell phone commercial
Image: YouTube

A small restaurant owner intercedes on the boy’s behalf, paying for the medicine and also giving the child some soup to take home to his ailing mom.

The story jumps ahead thirty years and finds the kind restauranteur is afflicted by a medical emergency that threatens his life and his family’s financial well being.

Thailand cell phone commercial
Image: YouTube

We don’t want to spoil the ending for you, so we’re not giving up any more of the storyline.

The ad is being heralded as one of the most powerful and emotional stories people have seen in years. We suggest you grab a tissue or two before pushing the “play” button:

Of course, emotional ads from phone companies are not new. In the 70s and 80s AT&T filled the airwaves with heart-tugging spots that encouraged people everywhere to “reach out and touch someone.”

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