Cops Defend Their Actions After Witness Video Shows Chiefs Fan Getting Punched, Shot With a Stun Gun

A 28-year-old Kansas City Chiefs fan allegedly dumped his beer over other fans. In resisting officers, he allegedly kicked one in the groin and injured another, according to KMBC-TV.

Out of control, cops responding at Sunday’s game against the Dallas Cowboys in Kansas City’s Arrowhead Stadium used a stun gun on Trenton Karlin to subdue him. That’s the point at which fellow fan, David Keitel, whipped out his cellphone to film the altercation.

chiefs fan stun gun
Police initially responded to reports that this Chiefs fan had dumped his beer on other people at the stadium Sunday. He did not cooperate and was subdued by officers. (Image via YouTube video screenshot)

Video footage by Keitel shows Karlin, wearing a No. 22 jersey for wide receiver Dexter McCluster, facedown on the ground as three officers hold him. The electrical shock sound of the stun gun being used can be heard, in addition to someone off camera yelling “stop it!”

Karlin appears to continue struggling with the officers, seeming to hold the hands of one. At one point as handcuffs are being placed on Karlin, it looks like he tries to bite the officer, who responds by punching him in the face. The stun gun at this point can be heard again.

chiefs fan stun gun
Karlin received several charges for his actions at the game and against law enforcement. (Image via YouTube video screenshot)

Fans gathered around the scene begin singing a chant and more officers arrive on to keep crowds back. Karlin, still handcuffed, was then helped to his feet and led away.

Watch the footage (content warning — strong language):

The Kansas City Star reported Karlin was charged with assault, resisting arrest and offensive contact. The Star reported Karlin kicked the officer after being subdued and led away, but KMBC’s report suggests this incident — and another that resulted in an officer receiving lacerations to the head, arms and knees — occurred before he was forced to the ground.

Police defended their actions using a stun gun and punching Karlin, according to KMBC, and another officer confirmed that in some circumstances this would be justified.

“There’s a lot of things that could have happened — and that might have happened — that would have caused something like that to happen,” Capt. Tye Grant of the Kansas City Police Department told KMBC of the police using this type of force. “I just don’t know exactly what all those are. There are definitely situations where that could be reasonable, yes.”

(H/T: Deadspin)