The Unlikely Political Ad Featuring a Gay Liberal and…His ‘Tea Party’ Dad: ‘Damn Right’

As far as progressive political ads go, it’s nearly impossible to go too far (see the one new one where a Minneapolis mayoral candidate emerges from a lake in his underwear). But this one is really progressive — and admittedly so.

Democratic congressional candidate Carl Sciortino, who is openly gay, “comes out” as a progressive to his Tea Party father in a new political ad.

In it, Carl Sciortino, Jr., a Democratic candidate for Massachusetts’ 5th district, runs through his credentials as a progressive, while playfully interrupted by his self-described Tea Party father. Also, as a release from the Sciortino campaign states multiple times, Sciortino is openly gay.

The ad begins with Sciortino recalling how he “had to tell” his father, Sciortino, Sr., a secret. It resembles a gay-son-coming out moment.

“I’ll never forget that conversation with my dad… where I had to come out and tell him… I’m a Massachusetts liberal,” Sciortino, Jr., recalls admitting to his dad.

“And he’s proud of it,” Sciortino, Sr., chimes in.

After ticking off some of his progressive views on abortion and corporate taxes, Sciortino, Jr., there’s “one that drives [his dad] crazy.”

“He wants to go to Congress to take on the NRA and the Tea Party,” Sciortino, Sr., says, pointing at himself.

“I won’t give up on an assault weapons ban,” Sciortino the younger says proudly.

It later concludes with both Sciortinos saying they love each other despite their differences.

A source close to the campaign provided TheBlaze with documentation of Sciortino, Sr.’s recent voting record. It indicates that he has voted Republican in the 2010 and 2012 elections, as well as in the Senate special election held to fill now-Secretary of State John Kerry’s seat. As he’s not a resident of the 5th district, Sciortino, Sr., will not be voting in his son’s election.

The ad begins running in the district Wednesday on local network affiliates. Sciortino, Jr., is running to fill the seat vacated by Ed Markey (D), who is now in the U.S. Senate.