Mark Levin & Glenn Beck Discuss Re-Establishing the Constitution in First-Ever Conversation

Glenn Beck and Mark Levin are two of the most-listened to radio hosts in the country, yet they have never actually had a conversation — that is, until Levin appeared on Beck’s radio program on Thursday.

The two couldn’t speak highly enough of one another’s work at combating out-of-control government, focusing primarily on the solutions proposed in Levin’s most recent #1 bestseller: “The Liberty Amendments: Restoring the American Republic.”

“We live what I call a post-constitutional period,” Levin began.  “You’re well familiar with Woodrow Wilson and the Progressive movement — we have to accept the fact that they won…and this utopian statism and constitutional Republicanism cannot coexist.  And they don’t coexist. And the circle of liberty around every individual is shrinking and shrinking and shrinking.”

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Levin said he starts his book with the premise that we now have a “ubiquitous, all-powerful central government” that is not what was laid out in the Constitution. Our Constitution itself is being “constantly” rewritten by the Supreme Court, Congress, the president, and “this administrative state that’s not even in the Constitution,” Levin explains.

“So if you believe in the Constitution, then you have to believe it’s time to reestablish it,” he continues.

But how can that be done?

Levin continued: “The framers gave us one way to reestablish the Constitution, should the federal government become oppressive…Two days before the end of at that convention in Philadelphia, [George Mason] stood up and he said, ‘Look, what if Congress becomes oppressive?  What if this new government becomes oppressive? Short of violence, what can the people do?  Congress is not going to propose amendments to the states to fix itself.'”

“And so he insisted that the states have the power to get together and propose amendments to all the states, still requiring three-fourths ratification,” Levin explained. “And so we can talk about the culture, and you do and I do, and we can talk about aspects like that. But when we’re talking about the Constitution, people say, ‘I thought Levin revered the Constitution, now you want to change it?’  No, I want to bring it back. And the book has some of my ideas.”

Conservative radio host Mark Levin speaks at a ‘Cut Spending Now’ rally at the conservative Americans for Prosperity (AFP) ‘Defending the American Dream Summit’ in Washington on November 5, 2011. (Photo: AFP/Getty Images)

The two discussed how such a meeting could take place and certain concerns people have had about pushing for such a scenario.  Beck’s co-host Pat Gray asked what if, for instance, it was proposed that the Second Amendment apply only to “militias,” as some on the left have long argued?

Levin said he doesn’t believe enough states would agree to abolish the Second Amendment but added that if that’s the will of the federal government and a supermajority of the states, “if the people want to surrender to tyranny, it’s tyranny they get.”

“The thing is, the reason the left has never gone through this approach, never, and the reason they would fight this approach, is they are getting damn near everything they want top-down,” he said. “They’re not going to want to work bottom-up.  Let’s keep something in mind — there are tens of millions of us who still love this country. Who still love the Constitution. Who still revere our heritage. And we’re looking for ways to deal with this. And we can keep beating our heads against the wall, ‘Elect more Republicans!’  Well, we had six years of Bush and the House and Senate and other than Obama, it was the profligate out-of-control period in [ recent ] federal history.”

Beck agreed that it is time to stop listening to the GOP and supporting a party that may be a “bigger nightmare” than the Democrats.

And Levin said that’s precisely why the plan set out by the founders is “the recourse.”

“It by passes Congress. It by passes the GOP establishment. It bypasses the Supreme Court, the president, the bureaucracy,” he said. “This is completely bottom up. The people working with state delegates and state senators, state legislatures.”

Countries are not “guaranteed perpetual existence,” he reminded.  So when people ask what can they do, he goes back and looks at our founding documents, and “even before then.”

“The framers, even though they set up this magnificent Constitution, they were concerned that it would be breached.  If you don’t have people of virtue in these positions then you have what? You have tyranny,” Levin said.  “So this is the approach that they left us. I just thought it was time to remind people about it. To make the case for it.”

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