It’s that time of year again. At Apple stores around the world, fans have been lined up for hours — if not days — to get their hands on a new iPhone 5C or 5S.

These pictures from around the world show the iPhone hoopla in all stages — from the lines to the cheering to the in-store excitement to the moment new 5C or 5S owners emerge victorious with their prize.

// ]]>And then there’s this photo from TheBlaze’s Deputy Managing Editor Jon Seidl, showing how the scene looked in Dallas, Texas, outside a Sprint store early this morning.

iphone wait sprint store

Two lonely chairs sit outside a Dallas Sprint store September 20, the day the new iPhones were made available to the public. (Photo: Jon Seidl/TheBlaze)

We’re guessing the true fanatics are heading to Apple stores to experience the new iPhone release in all its hours — and for some days — of glory.

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