Guy Walks into a Bank with a Gun…and He’s Not the One That Ends up Arrested

You’ve probably heard the start to this type of story a hundred times, but you’ve likely never heard an ending like it: A guy walks into a bank with a gun…

The TD Bank branch in Glastonbury, Connecticut. (Source: WTNH screen shot)

Robert Gursky, 50, was inside a TD Bank branch in Glastonbury, CT, when he noticed a man with a gun under his shirt. So he thought he’d do the right thing and let the teller know. But it all backfired.

See, Robert decided that he’d let the teller know about the other man with the gun by whispering to the teller “gun” and tried writing a note saying the same thing. He finished his transaction and then started walking out. The teller got the message alright, or at least the message the teller thought they were supposed to get: The bank hit the panic alarm thinking Gursky was the one with the gun and trying to stick up the joint.

But here’s where things get really whacky: Police trakced down Gursky and arrested him for “breach of the peace,” comparing it to yelling “fire” in a crowded theater when there is none. He was released but now has to appear in court next week.

“It could have been a level of confusion, but certainly it was confusing for everyone involved, even the people from the bank,” agent Kevin Szydlo of the Glastonbury Police Department told WTNH-TV.

So what about the man with the gun? Well, WTNH says the man carrying it was actually in law enforcement himself.

Gursky refused to comment to local media.

You know what they say: No good deed goes unpunished.

(H/T: HuffPo)