Man Bets His Entire Company on a Football Game

This man is willing to put everything he has on one bet.

Michael Hanson, who says he is being sued for trademark infringement by popular classified ads website Craigslist, said he is willing to hand over his entire business to the Internet giant if the Seattle Seahawks lose when they play the San Fransisco 49ers on December 8.

Hanson made the proposal in a roughly 2-minute video posted to YouTube on Wednesday.

“If my hawks come down to San Francisco and beat the niners, you guys drop the lawsuit [and] you also have to fly me down to San Francisco and take me out to dinner,” he says. “We will just shake hands and have some fun.”

“But … if my hawks go down there and lose, you guys can have everything,” Hanson continues. “We’ll just put all this behind us,” adding he would hand Craigslist his trademark and marketing materials.

“That is just a friendly wager, from Seattle to San Francisco, business to business, man to man,” he concludes. “You know we are entrepreneurs, right? We put it all on the line. So here you go.”

A spokesperson for Craigslist was not immediately made available to TheBlaze for comment on Saturday morning.

(H/T: The Daily Dot)

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