This Is What Happens When Bill Maher, Joy Behar & MSNBC Host Chris Hayes Get Together to Talk About the GOP

Talk show host and outspoken comedian Bill Maher thrashed out at the Republican Party on his HBO show Friday night, saying the GOP has a “coke addict’s obsession with defunding Obamacare.”

The conversation, centered around a new bizarre anti-Obamacare ad released earlier this week, showcased liberal luminaries Joy Behar and MSNBC host Chris Hayes also hammering Republicans.

“The message I think that is going to reach people is that Republicans are creeepy perves who are always thinking about women’s lady parts,” Maher said, during the segment.

“All the time. That’s all they think about is getting into my pooch,” Behar added.

Watch the clip below, courtesy of Mediaite:

(H/T: Mediaite)

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