University Requires Students to Lock Their Cell Phones in a Box For Entire Semester

Students attending a small Catholic university in Wyoming will be forced for the seventh consecutive year to surrender their cell phones to university administrators, a college news outlet reported on Friday.

Administrators at Wyoming Catholic College collect the students’ cell phones at the beginning of the year and keep them locked in a box for the entire semester, according to Campus Reform.

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Dean of Students Jonathan Tonkowich reportedly defended prohibiting students from using such mobile devices, arguing it fosters traditional dialogue.

“The reason we have the rules is to uphold a certain type of community that is conducive in growing in mind, body, and spirit,” he told Campus Reform. “We don’t think that cell-phones are this evil thing.”

Students are only permitted to access their phones in cases of emergencies. If they are caught, however, breaking the rules, community service is reportedly assigned.

(H/T: Campus Reform)

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