Ouch: Lamborghini Gets Cut in Half in Violent Collision

A sedan driver picked the exact wrong moment to make a left turn right in front of an oncoming Lamborghini — and sheared the back of the Lambo right off.

A Lamborghini was sheared in half after a collision with a sedan. (Photo credit: Bradley Scott)
Photo credit: Bradley Scott
Photo credit: Bradley Scott

The whole collision was caught on camera in Brooklyn, N.Y. According to car site Jalopnik, witnesses said the Lamborghini Aventador was “approaching at a high rate of speed” when the sedan turned in front. Jalopnik noted that the $400,000 Aventador actually did exactly what it was supposed to do: in the event of a violent accident, the front part is meant to separate from the rest of the vehicle to save the driver’s life.

(H/T: Jalopnik)