Dad Captures ‘Magical Moment’ With Daughter in Viral Video

Adelaide Ames has always been afraid of loud noises.

“Even when she was in the womb, anytime a door would slam she would always jump in the womb, and even now she hides under blankets when she hears loud noises,” the 4-year-old’s dad, Ben Ames, told Kansas City’s KCTV-TV.

Given that fireworks would fall into this category, earlier this month, Adelaide was having a hard time going to bed because of the booms.

“We live in a small village and every now and then a firework will go off because there’s a wedding or a holiday we didn’t know about,” Ames, 32, who’s currently living with his family in Austria while finishing his Ph.D. in atomic physics, told ABC’s “Good Morning America.” “I was trying to get her tucked in and the fireworks were going off like ‘boom, boom, boom,’ and she just wouldn’t go down.”

What the Kansas City native did to calm her fears has gotten the pair national attention.

ben ames and daughter
Ben Ames tries to distract his daughter from the loud noises she’s afraid of in a duet, which has now gone viral on YouTube. (Image via YouTube video screenshot)

“She thought she kept hearing fireworks and couldn’t sleep, so we sang to keep her mind preoccupied,” Ben wrote in a description of a video posted to YouTube.

But the video with more than 1.5 million hits that was trending as the No. 2 video in the United States on YouTube’s Trends Map, shows that “nothing competes with fireworks.”

The pair singing a duet of “Tonight You Belong to Me” accompanied by Ames playing a pink ukulele is interrupted by Adelaide saying “when we hear ‘sshhhh,’ that means there’s fireworks.”

Check it out:

There is something about this simple act of the father singing with his daughter that has resonated with viewers. Here are a few of the comments on the viral video:

  • The time you spend is the time you invest. The best investment you can ever make, Your child/ren. — Bruce Bynum
  • This song will forever be in her heart as long as she lives as the song her daddy sang with her. Love it!!!! — Shari Walcott
  • Best dad right there. — Kamila Brahmanto
  • What a great way to start your day; listening to this precious little girl give it her all! Children grow up so quickly these days it seems. It’s really nice to see such wonderful father/daughter bonding experience. — Debra Hall-Tucker

“So many parents have so many magical moments that happen with their kids, and I just happened to get this one on camera,” Ames told “Good Morning America.”