The Real Message Behind Ted Cruz’s 21-Hour Anti-Obamacare Speech in Just a Few Minutes – and It Has Nothing to Do With Dr. Seuss

Fed up with all the “lies” coming from the media and Washington, Glenn Beck and his production team put together a compilation of the best moments from Sen. Ted Cruz’s 21-hour anti-Obamacare speech that took place earlier this week. Despite what you may have seen reported in the mainstream media, the message and purpose behind the speech has nothing to do with “Green Eggs and Ham” or White Castle.

“But what did the media do? The media just concentrated on the little, silly side-note things, like when he mentioned White Castle or when he read Dr. Seuss to his children,” Beck said. “They tried to actually make that into, he was trying to make some health care comment with Dr. Seuss. And every network did it — except this one.”

“It’s incredible, the lies,” he added.

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Beck said the politicians in Washington and the media missed the entire point of Cruz’s speech, misleading Americans along the way.

Cruz spent 21 hours making “coherent, strong, effective arguments on why we shouldn’t have universal health care,” Beck said. “They had to lie because they were afraid that the truth wasn’t strong enough.”

“The truth wasn’t featured anywhere, and I realized today — you know what, I actually own a network. We can do that, and we did,” Beck concluded. “Spread it to a friend, because you may be the only source of truth out there.”

Watch the best of Sen. Cruz — Dr. Seuss-free — below:

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