Here’s the Speech Ted Cruz Gave Before the Senate Voted to Keep Obamacare Funded

Before the U.S. Senate voted Friday to pass a budget bill stripped of the House’s provision to gut Obamacare, Senator Ted Cruz (R-Texas), who earlier this week spent 20-plus hours speaking out against the health care law, implored his colleagues to “listen.”

“This is an opportunity for the senate to return to the finest traditions of this body,” Sen. Cruz said before the vote. “Where we listen to and fight for the American people.”

“That hasn’t happened in a long time,” he continued, “but I’m hopeful that we are in the process of seeing it begin to happen now.”

The Texas senator most likely knew that the senate would vote to approve stopgap spending legislation free of the House’s “Defund Obamacare” provision. But he delivered his message anyway.

You can watch his full remarks here:

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