Do You Think Anti-Gun Groups Would Freak Over This 1955 Underwear Ad If It Ran Today?

Considering that a group of young boys were just suspended from school for an entire year after they were seen playing with toy guns on private property…imagine the outrage that might ensue from those same corners if this underwear ad were to run today:

jockey from 1955

The Jockey underwear company ran this ad that reportedly first appeared in magazines very briefly (pun intended) back in the mid 1950s.

Aside from the fact that the youngster was incorrectly handling what appears to be a very real-looking firearm (some posts call it a toy gun) — his finger is on the trigger, and you never do that until you are ready to shoot — the woman presumed to be the boy’s mother is shown smiling in the background.

The ad copy extols the strength of Jockey’s junior briefs and how they “keep their fit – wash after wash! Special elastic waistband never droops, never sags, for it’s guaranteed for the life of the garment.”

jockey ad

A magazine page featuring this ad was also spotted on eBay – currently with an opening bid of $5.99 – although no bidding had taken place at the time of this posting.

So, do you suppose anti-gun groups would go apoplectic after getting an eyeful of this little shooter in a magazine today? Or have times indeed changed?

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