Harry Reid Warns House Republicans: Pass My Bill or Government Will Shut Down

Democratic Senate Majority Leader Harry Reid issued a warning to House Republicans on Friday, saying if they don’t pass the Senate’s continuing resolution bill soon the federal government will shut down.

“I want everyone to listen and to hear: The United States Senate has acted,” Reid said on the Senate floor, according to The Hill. “This is the only legislation that can avert a government shutdown, and that time is ticking as we speak.”

Reid reportedly made the comments before the Senate closed until Monday. The Senate passed legislation will fund the federal government until mid-November, according to The Hill.

“In the meantime … if Speaker [John] Boehner wants to avoid a government shutdown, he will pass our resolution,” Reid said. “Otherwise, it’s a government shutdown.”

“The bill would pass, the bill that we just passed, would pass the House overwhelmingly, if the Speaker had the courage to bring it to the floor and let 435 of the House of Representatives vote,” Reid added.

The House will meet Saturday to begin reviewing the Senate bill. Earlier this month, the House inserted language into the continuing resolution bill that stripped President Barack Obama’s landmark healthcare bill of funding.

Reid, however, reinserted funding and said Friday the Senate is “going to accept nothing as it related to Obamacare.”

(H/T: The Hill)

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