Hip Obamacare Ad Campaign Now Looking for a Few Good…Marching Bands?

Remember the recent Obamacare promotional ads in Oregon? The ones that reach hard for musical hipness?

Now the agency is after an altogether different kind of musical group to get its message out.

High school marching bands.

That’s right. It’s looking for bands to play the pro-Affordable Care Act anthem in a contest aimed at bringing more attention to the government-funded health care exchange, according to the Northwest Watchdog.

(Credit: CoverOregon.com)

The prize? A chance to play their instruments at the Oregon-Oregon State game in November. All the bands have to do is “play one of our songs, record it on video and the winning high school band will receive an all-expenses-paid trip to Eugene to play at the ‘Civil War’ pre-game celebration,” the contest announcement says.

There are five videos of songs bands can choose from, and sheet music and MP3s are ready for downloading in preparation for the Nov. 1 submission deadline.

(Credit: CoverOregon.com)

“Cover Oregon,” the state’s campaign to raise awareness of the Affordable Care Act and state health insurance exchange, has been investing in song to spread its message. According to the Washington Post, the campaign’s ads featuring musical artists and hipsters are the product of a $3 million contract with Portland-based advertising agency North.

You might recall this little ditty:

(H/T: Gateway Pundit)