What Happened to This Marathon Winner Will Have You Seeing Red

Running through that ribbon stretched over the finish line is the most triumphant moment for any runner.

It was this ribbon that Wilson Kipsang from Kenya was speeding toward as he neared the end of the 40th Berlin Marathon where he would not only win, but set a new world record for the 26.2-mile race.

But the moment of breaking through the ribbon was stolen from him by a man wearing a yellow T-shirt advertising a website to help people find prostitutes.

Kipsang of Kenya marathon
Wilson Kipsang of Kenya (second right) crosses the finish line behind a disruptor at the 40th Berlin Marathon, Sept. 29, 2013. Kipsang set the world men’s marathon record on Sunday when he clocked two hours, two minutes and 23 seconds in Berlin. (Reuters/Tobias Schwarz)

Just seconds before Kipsang crossed the finish line at 2:03:23, a man jumped over the spectator barrier with his arms raised in victory as if he had just completed the race. This unidentified man, whom Yahoo! Sports dubbed an “idiot spectator” and a “clown,” broke through the ribbon first.

His T-shirt had a URL for a site describes itself as a map that lets people find “whores, hostesses, ladies and hookers.”

Watch this moment of glory being stolen:

Kipsang didn’t let the guy get him down, though.

“This is a dream come true,” Kipsang said. “Ten years ago, I watched (Kenya’s) Paul Tergat break the world record in Berlin (in 2:04:55), and now I have achieved the dream. I felt strong, so I attacked at 35k, because the pace had become a little too slow.”

Wilson Kipsang
Wilson Kipsang from Kenya celebrates winning the 40th Berlin Marathon in Berlin, Sunday, Sept. 29, 2013. Kipsang set a new world record in two hours, three minutes and 23 seconds. (AP/Michael Sohn)

It was the eighth world record in Berlin in 15 years, strengthening its reputation as the world’s fastest course.

Kipsang earned $54,000 in prize money plus another $68,000 for breaking the record by 15 seconds.

The Associated Press contributed to this report.