Wingsuit-Wearing Daredevil Completes a Stunt That Terrified Even Him!

Daredevil Jeb Corliss is back and he is once again pushing the limits of human flight. If you are not familiar with Mr. Corliss, he is a wingsuit-wearing base jumper who seems to feed off adrenaline.

Jeb Corliss

However, as most daredevils will tell you,  it’s not always clear skies and smooth landings. Back in January of 2012, TheBlaze featured Corliss’ unsuccessful jump off South Africa’s Table Mountain. On that occasion, Jeb slammed into the mountain, breaking both legs and requiring a helicopter airlift to rescue him.

2012 crash
Image: YouTube

He has since healed and is once again wearing the wingsuit and flying through the air.

Over the weekend, Corliss pulled off a dangerous stunt that even he described as, “the hardest thing I’ve ever done.” What could possibly be harder than flying through a cave on Tianmen Mountain in China as he did in 2011? How about trying to navigate your body — flying as what Corliss called “a human dagger” — between a tiny space between two huge rocks?  That’s exactly what Corliss did in a return trip to China when he jumped from a helicopter and guided himself towards a stony schism:

Flying dagger
Image: YouTube

The above photo might make it look as if Corliss had a lot of room between the rocks. He didn’t.

Coliss told one interviewer that his margin of error was just a couple of feet. Considering that he was traveling at an estimated 120 miles per hour, there was very little room for error. Courtesy of chest- and arm-mounted cameras, take a look at what he saw as he flew between the rocks:

Corliss cam
Image: YouTube
arm cam view
Image: YouTube

Once he cleared the gap, Corliss deployed his parachute and came down within a few feet of the targeted landing zone.

Image: YouTube

On the ground, a smiling Corliss addressed the press and shared his thoughts about his latest accomplishment.

after landing
Image: YouTube

“I have never experienced anything so hardcore. Period. I have not been that scared in my life,” he said after. “It was so powerful and overwhelming. I started crying.”

So how did he train for what he calls “the single gnarliest thing I’ve ever done in my life”?

“I actually just went to Hungary where we are using augmented reality to test our ability to render this mountain or canyon in space,” he told Outside magazine. “So, I am able to jump out of an airplane and picture flying through the canyon three times during each jump. This thing is rendered three dimensionally in front of me. It was interesting training, and I would say I impacted about 50 percent of the time.”

Watch the entire flight, from leap to landing (including him giving more of his thoughts):

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