Crashed: Obamacare Exchange Sites Experience Nationwide Outages

The Obamacare health care exchanges went live Tuesday morning as thousands of previously uninsured Americans flocked to enroll via the online marketplaces.

But there seems to be a problem: people looking to sign up for the government-run exchanges are experiencing some pretty severe technical difficulties, according to anecdotal evidence.

And it looks like the glitches are being felt nationwide:

Even TheBlaze’s own Mike Opelka couldn’t get through to the site. Here are a few screen grabs from his failed login attempts:

Image: Screen grab
Image: Screen grab

Now it’s important to note that the site just went live at 12:00 a.m. EST. It was no doubt flooded with thousands of Americans waiting for their chance to sign up for the exchanges. That kind of traffic flow could easily overload and crash a site. So maybe the site’s not that faulty. It may simply be struggling under the weight of heavy online traffic.

Still, the feds have had since 2010 to lock this down. How is the site not ready for primetime? Did no one anticipate heavy traffic?

So many questions.

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