RNC Chairman Battles MSNBC Host Over Gov’t Shutdown: ‘It Sounds Like I’m Debating the Chairman of the DNC’

Debating MSNBC anchor Thomas Roberts is like “debating the chairman of the DNC,” Republican National Committee Chairman Reince Priebus said Thursday.


Things got testy between Roberts and Priebus after the MSNBC host insisted that Obamacare has a “mandate by the people reelecting the president and both houses of Congress.” He also asked the RNC chair why Republicans have attached Obamcare to spending negotiations.

“Those are some pretty good talking points,” Priebus said.

“They’re not talking points. That’s directly from what the president just gave a speech on,” Roberts replied.

“It sounds like I’m debating the chairman of the DNC here, Thomas. That’s fine. I’m happy to debate you,” Priebus shot back.

After Roberts repeated more Democrat “talking points,” Priebus later advised the TV host to seek a job in the Obama administration’s communications department.

(H/T: WFB)