This Video of a TV Star Making a Seriously Ill Little Girl’s Wish Come True Will Warm Your Heart

Emilia Palmer had always dreamed of riding in a pink Lamborghini driven by TV star Richard Hammond.

However, the seriously-ill little girl’s fantasy actually morphed into reality recently when the Top Gear star showed up at her doorstep ready to take her for a spin with the car of her dreams.

The entire episode was captured on video and uploaded to YouTube Thursday by Rays of Sunshine, the organization that helped make Emilia’s wish come true after her mother contacted them with the idea.

It first shows a white Lamborghini undergoing a transformation to change the vehicle’s color to pink. The car was donated by H R Owen and sprayed by luxury car shop Yiannamize, according to a U.K. media outlet.

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The Lamborghini first had to be painted pink to fulfill Emilia’s wish. (Image source: YouTube)

Afterwards, the freshly painted Lamborghini was airlifted via helicopter to Emilia’s hometown where Hammond picked it up and drove it to her house.

“You won’t believe what’s waiting out there for us,” Hammond told Emilia as he greeted her at the doorstep.

When Emilia, who reportedly suffers a serious lung-illness, saw the vehicle her jaw dropped in shock and awe.

Emilia’s jaw dropped when she saw the surprise waiting for her in front of her home. (Image source: YouTube)

The two then embarked on a long joy ride around the town.

At one point, Emilia is seen asking for permission to “takeoff” at what appears to be a local race track.

Emilia asked for permission to “takeoff” at what appears to have been a local race track. (Image source: YouTube)
Emilia and Hammond pose next to the pink Lamborghini. (Image source: YouTube)

After the day was over, Hammond commented saying it was “so worth while.”

“Emilia had an incredible time,” her mother Rachel reportedly said.

“This was a fantastic day that we will all remember as a family. We are so grateful to Rays of Sunshine and everyone involved for making every aspect of Emilia’s wish happen,” she added.

Watch the heart-touching video:

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