If You Just Led Cops on a 27-Mile Chase (With Only Three Working Tires) Your Mugshot Might Look Like This

If we told you a woman led Oregon police on a 27-mile chase that involved only three tires, you’d probably immediately have a mental image of what her mugshot looked like once she was captured. But would you expect it to look quite like this?

Jennifer Winklebleck’s mug shot after a 27-mile police chase last Thursday night arrest. (Source: Washington County Jail)

Yes, that’s  43-year-old Jennifer Winklebleck of Beaverton, Oregon. On Thursday night an officer spotted her driving erratically. So he decided to try and pull her over. But Winklebleck wasn’t having any of it, as KPTV-TV explains:

She drove north to Highway 26 and then headed west as deputies chased her.

Another deputy laid down spike strips and flattened the Volkswagen’s left front tire as the car neared Brookwood Avenue.

Winklebleck continued driving – for 27 miles – as her tire and wheel began to disintegrate. Her car then started to leak fluids and emit sparks from the suspension and undercarriage.

Winklebleck’s car after driving 27 miles, and some of that on only three tires. (Photo: Washington County Sheriff’s Office)

That’s right, she drove 27 miles (part of that on only three tires) before finally being apprehended. And that was only after officers intentionally wrecked her and she still accelerated into a squad car and her car caught on fire.

Now here’s what’s even more odd: Officers said Winklebleck wasn’t under the influence of drugs or alcohol and they can’t figure out why she was driving so recklessly.


She was arrested on attempting to elude, second-degree attempted assault, reckless driving, reckless endangering, attempted assault on a police officer and criminal mischief. She’s being held on $40,000 bond.