Ed Schultz Invokes Glenn Beck to Mock…Megyn Kelly? See If You Can Make Sense Out of His Strange Comparison

MSNBC’s Schultz apparently sees distinct similarities between Megyn Kelly’s new primetime show and Glenn Beck’s previous TV show. Why? Because they both invited conservative lawmakers that Schultz doesn’t like on the first night of their shows.


Kelly invited Sen. Ted Cruz (R-Texas) on her program on Monday while Beck hosted former Alaska Gov. Sarah Palin back in 2009.

Despite the fact that Kelly challenged Cruz on a number of points, Schultz suggested she tarnished her new show by even having the Texas senator on at all.

As Mediaite’s Josh Feldman notes, the Schultz team also plastered the caption “I’ll Be Beck” underneath Kelly’s picture.

“Megyn Kelly isn’t flipping the script is she? She’s just producing a remake, and the casting really isn’t great. If Megyn Kelly thinks she’s doing things differently, she can keep on pretending,” Schultz concluded, complete with air quotes.