Utah Couple Married 63 Years Dies Nine Hours Apart

A Utah couple married for 63 years couldn’t bear to be apart from each other, according to their children.

So, after Jerry Dunn of Spanish Fork died last week, it was only hours later that his wife, Edith, followed him, KSL-TV reported.

couple dies hours apart
Jerry and Edith Dunn were married for 63 years and died only nine hours apart from each other last week. (Image source: KSL-TV video screenshot)

“Mom and dad were just always together,” son Donald Dunn told KSL. “He worried about her, she worried about him.”

Their devotion to each other was strong enough that Jerry Dunn would get up at 5 a.m. three days a week to take Edith for dialysis treatment. The wife and mother also had dementia and diabetes.

“He had promised her he would take care of her and that he would never put her in a care facility,” Deanna Golden said of her father.

The 82-year-old took a fall last week, which was the beginning of the end.

“He said, “I’m done, Donny. Is that OK?’ ” Donald recalled.

couple dies hours apart
Jerry Dunn was in the U.S. Army for 26 years, after which he became a U.S. postal worker. (Image source: KSL-TV video screenshot)

Jerry died Thursday with Deanna by his bedside. When Edith was told later that day, even though her memory is impaired, she was distressed.

“Her eyes darted open and she became uncomfortable and agitated,” Golden said.

Nine hours later, Edith died too.

“They couldn’t be separated,” Deanna said. “And mom needed dad there first.”

They were buried side by side Friday at Spanish Fork Cemetery.

“There’s so much comfort in knowing they went together,” Deanna told KSL.

Watch KSL’s report about the touching couple: