Bill Maher and Chris Matthews vs. Conservative Guests: The Remarkable ‘Real Time’ Shoutfest You Know You Can’t Wait to Witness

Bill Maher opened his “Real Time” show Friday night with an attack on Republicans for their handling of the partial government shutdown and their repeated attempts to dial back Obamacare.

This week’s Maher panel — which included MSNBC’s Chris Matthews, Republican James Glassman, and conservative radio host Carol Roth — was everything we’ve come to expect from the HBO show: loud, over-the-top, and chock-full of political platitudes.

Matthews at one point accused critics of Obamacare’s disastrous roll-out of basically asking, “When can we lynch him?”

Once Matthews gets rolling a couple minutes into the below clip (to thunderous applause and cheers), it’s like that for pretty much the entire segment. Hollering. Shouting. Yelling.

With that…enjoy:

(H/T: Mediaite)

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Featured image: screen grab.



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