So This Is What Gretchen Carlson Looks Like Without Makeup

Gretchen Carlson hosted an entire segment of “The Real Story” Friday without wearing any makeup.

And she did it on purpose.

Screen grab.

Carlson went sans makeup in protest of the “sexualization” of women in America and to encourage younger women to focus more on the internal than the external.

“Sex sells, but to eight-year-old girls, these days, it’s not easy to empower your tween daughter to become a confident young woman,” said the winner of the 1989 Miss America beauty pageant.

“The message here — and this is what I always tell people and I’ll probably get flack for being Miss America and then talking about self-esteem — but the bottom line is that you have to build yourself from the inside up,” she said.

Carlson spoke with Dream Big Toy Company CEO Jodi Norgaard about empowering younger women in America:

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