Does Newark Mayor Cory Booker Actually Live in Newark? Video Report Raises Doubts

    Independent journalist and researcher Charles C. Johnson recently visited Newark, N.J. to see if he could find out if Mayor Cory Booker actually lives in the city he governs.

    Johnson conducted interviews with people who live near two residences connected to Booker and chronicled their responses on videotape.

    The neighbors don’t seem convinced that Booker — a Democrat who’s facing Republican Steve Lonegan in a special election Oct. 16 to fill the late Frank Lautenberg’s U.S. Senate seat for the remainder of his term — lives at either Newark address.

    (Credit: AP)

    Johnson spoke to TheBlaze and said Booker is registered to vote at 435 Hawthorne Avenue, but people interviewed on Johnson’s video say Booker doesn’t live there.

    (Credit: Charles Johnson via YouTube)

    “Cory is never here,” said Donna Jackson.

    “I know he don’t live on Hawthorne, because when I did the 2010 census and I knocked on the door…and introduced myself as the census taker, I was told by the officers that was a police station,” said Cassandra Dock. “You can’t possibly live in a police station.”

    (Credit: Charles Johnson via YouTube)

    Dock adds in the video interview that she believes Booker lives in New York City.

    Another residence connected to Booker is 19 Longworth Street, and when Johnson visited that address, he interviewed a detective in the building who said he didn’t know Booker’s whereabouts.

    (Credit: Charles Johnson via YouTube)

    Johnson says neither address is listed on Booker’s Senate disclosure form, only a P.O. box.

    TheBlaze twice contacted Booker’s campaign office Sunday for comment but hasn’t received a response. When a reply comes, this story will be updated.

    On the Senate disclosure form TheBlaze saw online, Booker’s home address is blocked out with a bar:

    (Credit: Scribd)

    Booker spokesman Kevin Griffis did tell the National Review Online that the mayor lives in a third residence and plans to move to Longworth Street “soon”; the NRO adds that the third home isn’t listed on the mayor’s Senate financial-disclosure report under section IIIB, which requires the candidate to list interests with a value exceeding $1,000.

    Here’s Johnson’s video report:



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