High School Principal Cancels Pledge of Allegiance Citing Gov’t Shutdown — and Now He Could Be in Big Trouble

A Nebraska high school principal may face disciplinary action after he cited the government shutdown as the reason for canceling the daily pledge of allegiance one day last week.

Alliance High School principal Patrick Jones. (Image Source: KNEB.com)

District superintendent Troy Unzicker told TheBlaze his office is investigating the incident and considering taking disciplinary action against Alliance High School principal Patrick Jones for his actions last Monday.

“Yes,” Unzicker said, when asked if he is looking into reprimanding Jones. “It has to be considered.”

Unzicker, himself a veteran, added that it is school policy to recite the pledge each day and expects his staff to carry out their duties.

“We have board policy that says we will lead students in the pledge each day and we will be doing that,” he said.

Jones declined comment to TheBlaze on Tuesday and his office referred all calls to Unzicker.

According to Unzicker, Jones said his actions were aimed at inspiring conversation among the roughly 500 students in the school.

The district superintendent added that he has received some complaints from parents over last week’s cancellation.

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