Catch a Preview of TheBlaze TV’s Inspiring New Show

TheBlaze TV aired a sneak peak of the upcoming limited-run series “Hutch” on Wednesday night, centered around Pastor Ken Hutcherson.

“Hello, I’m Hutch. I’ve got something to say to you,” Hutcherson says at the outset of the show.  “I’m a former racist. I’m a former football player. Now I’m a pastor. Now I have cancer.”

“I’m going to be dying of this cancer, so I don’t have time to play around,” he continues. “So you need to listen up, because I’ve got something to tell you.”

Pastor Ken Hutcherson speaks on TheBlaze TV. (Photo: TheBlaze TV)

The preview episode largely centered around the concept of fatherhood, and much of it is interspersed with a letter the pastor is writing to his children.

After explaining how he learned to “hate” as a child, Hutch says he learned how to love and how to be a father when he found Jesus.

“For a while, it was looking pretty good,” he writes in the letter.  “In my mind’s eye, I see and mom watching you put your kids on the horse on Sunday afternoon. But God works in mysterious ways…It turns out, I may be watching all that from Heaven. And if I am – I’m shouting and you can’t hear me.”

If he’s not around, Hutch tells his children there are “some things I want you to do, and I want you to remember…”

“Just because you can have a child, does not make you a father,” he begins. “Raising a child rightly makes you a father. Makes you a good father when you take responsibility — that’s right, responsibility comes along with fatherhood.  You know what I’m saying, going to work every day if necessary to take care of those children that you’ve been blessed with by God.  Not running off and leaving mom alone to do it…”

He adds: “How about a hug when they need it? Are you there for that?  One thing worse than not having a father in the home, and that’s having a father in the home that does not have time for the child in that home.”

“Fatherhood is what I’m talking about here in America today, there’s not very much going on,” Hutch declares. “We’ve got a whole bunch of boys making noise; we don’t have very many men making music in the home, where kids want to be there.”

Complimentary Clip from TheBlaze TV

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Hutch proceeds to speak about a number of topics, from how to teach your children to drive, how to have “the talk,” and to how to tackle criticism.

He also gives a number of statistics on the ramifications of fatherless homes, saying “fathers aren’t just nice – they’re necessary.”

Watch the alarming segment, below:

Complimentary Clip from TheBlaze TV

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“Nothing really as beautiful as watching your own child,” Hutch says at the end of the show.  “And after years of it, you realize that all you really wanted is for them to look up at you and smile.”

“What I really hope is you are going to laugh a lot, and cry a little, and then get up and face the world out there with courage, just like you saw dad do.  “

Hutch is a limited run series comprising four 30-minute episodes over two nights. The program will air from 8 p.m. – 9 p.m. ET on Tuesday, November 12th and Tuesday, November 19th.

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