Here Is Video of a Shirtless Clemson Fan Dancing Behind the ESPN ‘College GameDay’ Crew

A passionate fan stole away the show on ESPN’S “College GameDay” before Saturday’s Clemson versus Florida State football game.

The fan, Davis Toney, could be seen on live television removing his shirt and dancing, all while pouring what he said was Coca-Cola Zero into his mouth.

“I thought it would get me 8 seconds of laughter from a few people around me,” Toney told TheBlaze. “Little did I know it would go viral…I guess you can say my parents were surprised!”

Only at the end of the segment did the sportscaster finally realize what was going on behind him.

“Oh!” he exclaimed multiple times, laughing the incident off.

Here is the video:

This story has been updated after the individual portrayed in the video contacted TheBlaze to say that he was completely sober during the incident.

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