Walmart Offers Job Back to Employee Fired After He Tried to Help Assault Victim in Parking Lot

kristopher oswald
Kristopher Oswald was fired from his position at Walmart after he violated policy in helping a woman who was being assaulted in the parking lot. (Image source: WXYZ-TV video screenshot)

Walmart has offered to rehire an overnight shift worker it fired after he tried to help a woman he says was being assaulted in the store’s parking lot.

Walmart Stores Inc. spokeswoman Brooke Buchanan said the company left messages Friday for Kristopher Oswald to “welcome him back” to the Hartland Township (Mich.) store after it ”realized Mr. Oswald’s intentions were good,” notes WWJ-TV in Detroit.

Oswald, 30, said he was in his car on his break around 2:30 a.m. Sunday when he saw a man grabbing a woman. Oswald said he asked the woman if she needed help and the man started punching him in the head and yelling that he was going to kill him. Oswald said he was able to get on top of the man, but then two other men jumped him from behind, WWJ reports.

Sheriff’s deputies soon arrived on the scene and halted the fight. Then Oswald said the store’s management issued him paperwork saying that “after a violation of company policy on his lunch break, it was determined to end his temporary assignment.” Oswald, a Walmart employee for about seven weeks, said he wouldn’t have been considered a permanent employee until after his 180-day probation period.

When asked if he would do it all over again, Oswald replied, “I will always do the right thing.” But as for whether he’d take back his Walmart job, Oswald sighed, hesitated and then said that he wasn’t sure, WRTV-TV in Indianapolis reports. It wasn’t immediately clear if Oswald accepted Walmart’s rehiring offer, WWJ reports.

Here’s a report from Newsbreaker published before Walmart’s offer to rehire Oswald: