What This Crowd of 2,000+ Did to Honor a Fallen Army Ranger — and Thwart Westboro Baptist Church — Will Make Your Heart Thump

Westboro Baptist Church made a big show of its intention to protest the funeral Sunday of Army Ranger Cody James Patterson at Oregon State University in Corvallis.

Per usual, Westboro says Patterson and other fallen soldiers died in vain, slain by God’s wrath for “the homosexual and other sins of America,” adding that the U.S. “is nation of sodomite hypocrites,” notes KVAL-TV in Eugene, Ore.

Image source: PortlandMetroLiberty via YouTube

But instead of putting on a big show, Westboro Baptist was a no-show.

Then again when more than 2,000 supporters of Patterson and his family and friends flood the street to block any planned Westboro activity, it’s understandable if the controversial group decided to sit this one out.

Image source: PortlandMetroLiberty via YouTube

A large detachment of Patriot Guard Riders was among the massive gathering around OSU’s LaSells Stewart Center. One rider said he didn’t expect protesters from the Westboro Baptist Church to show up, but said everyone would “keep it professional” if they do, KVAL reports.

Image source: PortlandMetroLiberty via YouTube

The counter-protest gained traction through social media, drawing thousands to the campus to help bar potential protesters from disrupting the service.

“We want to be completely peaceful, and we want to just represent the country that he fought and died for by having the American flag out here to keep the signs covered,” Joseph Hedberg, a National Guard veteran, tells KVAL.

Hedberg made a Facebook page “OSU Supports Cody Patterson” and shared it with his fellow former National Guardsmen to organize a counter protest at Patterson’s memorial.

Image source: PortlandMetroLiberty via YouTube

“They went ahead and took it from there and shared it and posted it and started inviting more people,” he said.

Patterson was killed Oct. 6 during an attack in the Zhari district of Afghanistan. Three others died on the same mission to stop a suicide bomber.

Here’s video of the huge wall of support for Patterson from PortlandMetroLiberty via YouTube:

Featured image: PortlandMetroLiberty via YouTube

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