Three Teens Accused of Pulling off Bullet Heist from the Gov’t That Could Number in the Thousands of Rounds

Three teenagers were arrested for having 70 boxes of stolen U.S. Air Marshals ammunition in their vehicle Sunday, The Washington Post reported.

It’s unclear precisely how many bullets that amounted to, but considering many boxes come in packs of 50, the heist could amount to 3,500 rounds. The Anne Arundel County police did not immediately comment to TheBlaze on the exact amount.

Police reported finding the vehicle, which was parked oddly in Hanover, Md., after 1:40 a.m. The teens were sitting inside it with the lights off. In addition to the ammunition, the Post reported authorities found bolt cutters, flashlights and latex gloves.

70 boxes of ammunition
Seventy boxes of ammunition traced back to the U.S. Air Marshall’s program was found in the car by Anne Arundel County police early Sunday morning. (Image source: WBAL-TV screeenshot)

The ammunition was allegedly stolen by 18-year-old Brandon Michael Shreve and a 16-year-old and 15-year-old whose names were not released because they are minors.

CNN reported Shreve admitted to police that he had broken into a trailer owned by the U.S. Air Marshals program near the Baltimore-Washington International Marshall Airport.

WBAL-TV reported that the bullets were meant for law enforcement use only and that investigators do not yet know the motive for their use.

WBAL also reported the large amount of ammunition stolen is striking given the recent shortages and higher cost for bullets, which has been linked to recent gun control pushes.

The three accused crooks have been charged with felony theft.

Watch WBAL’s report: