Famous Actor Calls for Socialist ‘Revolution’ and ‘Massive Redistribution of Wealth’ in Brutally Honest Sit-Down Interview

Actor and comedian Russell Brand is not shy about making his extreme far-left political views known. He doesn’t care if people disagree with them and he certainly doesn’t believe that he should keep his ideas to himself because he’s just an “actor.”

But those unfamiliar with Brand’s in-your-face style might be surprised by the actor’s brutal honesty in a recent sit-down interview with BBC’s “Newsnight.” Not only did he openly call for a socialist-style “revolution” and the “massive redistribution of wealth,” he also urged people not to vote or participate in the “facade” that is modern-day politics.

Russell Brand (Credit: BBC Newsnight)

To him, “the lies, treachery and deceit of the political class that has been going on for generations” make voting a pointless exercise.

So what type of political system does Brand want to see implemented?

“A socialist egalitarian system based on the massive redistribution of wealth, heavy taxation of corporations and massive responsibility for energy companies and any companies exploiting the environment. I think the very concept of profit should be hugely reduced.”

When asked if he truly wants a revolution, Brand said such a revolution is inevitable. However, he acknowledged he hardly has all the answers as to how the system would work on a global scale.

“Don’t ask me to sit here in an interview with you, in a bloody hotel room, and devise a global utopian system,” he said, adding that he’s “absolutely” calling for a revolution.

“I’m calling for change, I’m calling for genuine alternatives,” he added.

Watch the entire interview via BBC: