Bank Robber Asked to Hitch a Ride With the Wrong Guy

A man who had just robbed a bank in Michigan ditched his disguise and asked a stranger parked on the side of a road for a ride.

It turned out though to be an undercover cop.

marcus ewing
Marcus Ewing (Image source: Kent County Sheriff’s Department)

Marcus Ewing admitted in a statement to robbing Kent County Credit Union in Grand Rapids on October 31. His cousin, Dontray Jones, drove the getaway car, but for an unknown reason, after snagging a bag full of money, Ewing ditched the cash, his disguise and getaway car.

That’s when he approached a detective in plainclothes for a ride.

Ewing’s statement said he robbed the bank “out of desperation” to pay child support and fuel his drug habit, according to The Grand Rapids Press.

“We went straight to the bank. I told him to wait here and I’ll be back. I grabbed my bag that had a hat and a beard. I put that on walking. I pulled up my hood. I had the gun in my pocket. I went to the dude on the left. I told him to get up, go to the back of the bank,” Ewing wrote in his statement.

“I carried the money in the trash bag. I was nervous and don’t remember much about being inside. I went out the back door when I left. I ran back to the truck I knew this was wrong and will never do it again.”

An unidentified witness saw the robbery through the drive-thru window and called 911. This good Samaritan also followed the getaway car, which Ewing initially used to escape, tipping police to its location.

Ewing, from Fort Wayne, Ind., was arrested after encountering the undercover officer, and Jones, also from Indiana, was later found and arrested a short distance away from the getaway car. Jones, after initially saying he was in town visiting a friend, admitted to being the driver.

Police found the vehicle, disguise, firearm and bag of money, according to The Grand Rapids Press.

Ewing and Jones are in U.S. Marshals Service custody, according WANE-TV, facing robbery charges.