This Is What Happens When Bill Maher & Anthony Weiner Team Up to Defend Obamacare

Former Democratic Congressman Anthony Weiner joined forces with outspoken comedian Bill Maher on Friday night to defend the Affordable Care Act, saying before its implementation some Americans were left “dying” because they lacked health coverage.

“The fundamentals are that when we went into this conversation people were losing their health care every single day, okay? Every single day, people were losing their health care,” Weiner said.

“And dying,” Maher added.

“The argument that was being made by the people who were lying about the thing was, ‘oh, we are going to force you to take off your health—,'” Weiner said. “No, what we did was raise everyone’s standards.”

Weiner, who was then challenged by another guest on Maher’s program, admitted he was being “paternalistic,” but said it was okay.

“Yes, I am trying to take care of 40 million uninsured Americans!” Weiner countered.

Watch the ‘Real Time’ Segment:

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