Chris Christie Talks Immigration & Gun Control in ‘Lightning Round’ of Questions

Fox News host Chris Wallace put newly re-elected New Jersey Gov. Chris Christie (R) through a “lightning round” of questions Sunday to determine his position on a series of political issues he said are important to conservatives.

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Gov. Chris Christie (R) appeared on “Fox News Sunday,” discussing gun control and immigration.(Image source: YouTube)

“Governor if — and I know it’s an if — you do run for president you are first going to have to win the Republican nomination,” Wallace said. “And the knock against you which you know is from some parts of the party is that you are not conservative enough.”

“So let’s do a ‘lightning round,’ quick questions quick answers on some of your positions,” the “Fox News Sunday” host continued. “First of all do you still favor comprehensive immigration reform, including a path to citizenship?”

The outspoken New Jersey governor answered, but did not address the component regarding a pathway to citizenship, only saying he thinks Congress needs to solve the problem.

“Well, Chris what I favor is fixing the broken system,” he said, adding “what Congress needs to do is get to work, working with each other and the president, to fix a broken system that is not serving our economy well, that is not serving our country well.”

Wallace then pressed Christie on his position over gun control, noting the governor supports some gun-control measures.

“We want to control violence,” Christie said. “Some of that may involve firearms, but a lot of it doesn’t. In fact my focus has been on making sure that mental health is done in a much more aggressive way in New Jersey.”

“I am for violence control,” he added.

[sharequote align=”center”]”I am for violence control”[/sharequote]

“But gun control is part of it?” Wallace asked.

“Well, it can be,” Christie conceded. “And in New Jersey I have signed some of those measures. But, I have also vetoed measures that I thought were overreaching and not consistent with Second Amendment rights.”

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