Remember the Deer Shot Through the Face With an Arrow? Here’s How It’s Doing

New Jersey wildlife workers were on the hunt last week to help a deer that made for a shocking photo after it was shot through the snout with an arrow.

deer arrow through face
This picture of a deer with an arrow through its nose in New Jersey went viral last week. (Image source: Susan Darrah/Facebook)

The deer was located over the weekend and tranquilized and treated by biologists. According to The Star-Ledger, it has already been released back into the wild.

Susan Darrah of Boonton spotted the deer more than a week ago near her backyard and posted the photo of its injury, which went viral.

The deer, later nicknamed “Little Steve Martin” after the comedian’s arrow-through-the-head gag, came back into the woman’s yard Saturday. This time, New Jersey Division of Fish and Wildlife officials were ready for it.

deer arrow
“Little Steve Martin” had frequented the area near Darrah’s house in the last week. (Image source: Susan Darrah/Facebook)

Biologists tranquilized the deer, removed the arrow and medicated the wound. The deer’s recovery prognosis is excellent, the Star-Ledger reported. The arrow’s removal was relatively simple because workers were able to unscrew the tip.

deer arrow through face
Biologists unscrewed the arrow tip and pulled the shaft of the arrow back through the animal’s face. (Image source: Susan Darrah/Facebook)
deer arrow through face
The deer was released shortly after the arrow was removed. It’s expected to do well. (Image source: Susan Darrah/Facebook)

“Thank you to all of you for following this story, for your good wishes, hopes and prayers for ‘Little Steve Martin,'” Darrah wrote on her Facebook page. “We needed a story with a happy ending with all the bad news we hear daily. … Many, many, many thanks to those great people at NJ Fish & Wildlife for their dedication and determination.”

(H/T: Gizmodo)