There’s Something Very Special About This $20,000 Suit

Bulletproof vests might be functional for those in the line of duty, but they might not be considered quite up to snuff for everyday, stylish wear needed by some businessmen traveling to unsafe areas.

That’s why Canadian designer Garrison Bespoke created a suit that packs the protection of a bulletproof vest while maintaining a James Bond-esq aura.

bulletproof suit
Designer Garrison Bespoke already has a wait list for his $20,000 bulletproof suit. (Image source: Garrison Bespoke)

“At Garrison, we take pride in building relationships and trust with each and every one of our clients. That’s why, this year, it was crucial that we offer our clients a bulletproof suit to keep them safe during their travels to dangerous places for work,” Bespoke’s website stated about the suit. “We wanted to create a lightweight garment that not only looks professional, but can also act as reliable body armor. The idea was to create a stylish and discreet alternative to wearing a bulky bulletproof vest underneath a suit. This way, our clients, wouldn’t have to worry about looking awkward during meetings, and they can travel to work feeling comfortable, safe, and confident.”

The three-piece suit that starts at $20,000 features the same carbon nanotubule technology as what is found in U.S. soldiers’ uniforms, designed in conjunction with U.S. special forces. The nanotechnology blocks bullets from penetrating by hardening the fabric on impact.

bulletproof suit
In the demonstration, the suit was nicked but the fabric was not penetrated. (Image source: CityNews Toronto/YouTube)

The designer claims that the suit is 50 percent lighter than Kevlar, the most popular material in bulletproof vests.

According to CityNews Toronto, the suit can stop a .22-cal, 9mm and a .45-cal bullet. Watch a demonstration in CityNews’ report:

Even though the suit comes with a hefty price tag, CityNews Toronto reported that there is already a waitlist of clients wanting one.