Caught on Video: Off-Duty Cop Nearly Beaten to Death in Front of His Wife – How Spectators React Is Almost Equally Disturbing

Editor’s note: This post contains extremely graphic, violent content and will be offensive to some readers.

An off-duty New York Police Department officer was severely beaten over the weekend while his wife watched helplessly. What’s more, spectators taunted and laughed — and no one seems to come to the man’s immediate aid as his attacker continued to beat him while he lay unconscious.

Sgt. Mohammed Deen, an 18-year veteran with the NYPD, was attacked by Hayden Holder in Queens South Richmond Hill neighborhood Sunday, according to WABC-TV.

Cellphone video captured footage of the violent scene that left Deen stable but in a medically induced coma Monday. According to the New York Post, sources said Deen and Holder exchanged words at a Queens nightclub, which could have prompted the assault outside a St. John’s Express restaurant around 5 a.m.

Footage begins with yelling that quickly escalates to Holder beating Deen in the head as he lay in the middle of the street. Some on the scene can be hard yelling “no,” while others seem to be taking a cruel sort of amusement from the altercation.

hayden holder
Sgt. Mohammed Deen was repeatedly punched by Hayden Holder, who admitted to police his involvement in the assault early Sunday morning. (Image source: YouTube)

The man filming the graphic incident says, “that (n-word’s) dead!” Deen, on the pavement, doesn’t move.

Holder moves on to punch the driver’s side window of the car where Deen’s wife has protected herself, before going back to Deen, picking up his head and slamming it back on the pavement.

hayden holder
Holder later turned to punch the car where Deen’s wife was hiding. (Image source: YouTube)

Here’s the footage (Content warning: extremely graphic images and strong language):

Police responded to 911 calls, picking up Holder as he tried to run away from the scene, WABC reported.

“It was a vicious, savage beating,’’ one stunned law-enforcement source told the New York Post.

Holder was reportedly arrested and charged with attempted murder and felony assault. The New York Daily News reported that Holder admitted to the assault but claimed he didn’t know Deen was a police officer.



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